Case Study: The Stephen Longfellow Academy Brand & Logo Design

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A brand and logo to honour a remarkable man

“Aim: Create a logo enriched with symbolism to respect the remarkable teacher the Academy is named after and reflect the Academy’s values.”

A‍bout The Stephen Longfellow Academy

The Stephen Longfellow Academy is named in honour of a teacher who worked across various schools in the Leeds region and was widely respected by his peers and colleagues as a man who cared deeply about the most vulnerable and challenging students in our schools.

Sadly, Stephen died in a climbing accident in September 2015. As a tribute to his memory The GORSE Academies Trust decided to honour his contribution by naming this alternative provision academy for vulnerable and challenging children in his honour.

Project Background – Evolution

The Stephen Longfellow Academy had not yet opened and hadn’t yet got a building it was still an idea. Albeit an ambitious one to create an outstanding alternative provision for vulnerable children.

I was given the opportunity to create this new brand and logo by The GORSE Academies Trust.

The solution – pyramids and nature

I had a number of themes and symbolism that I wanted to incorporate into the design. I hate generic designs or abstract for the sake of simplicity. I wanted to create a logo which was abstract and simple but at the same time embodied all of the rich symbolism and values of the Academy.

I did research into Stephen Longfellow, who died whilst climbing a mountain. A mountain was the initial idea for the logo. I instantly realised that this could be made to represent the Positive Discipline pyramids that The GORSE Academies Trust used throughout its Academies.

Initial Rough Ideas Sketchbook

The central theme of mountaineering helped again as it landed itself to a calming nature inspired colour palette which naturally went from sun –> grass –> water –> rock.

Nature inspired colour palette

The client’s chosen design has been used across the organisation in signage, website, marketing material and corporate stationery.

The Result

The Stephen Longfellow Academy received a professional brand identity and logo design that helps them to stand out amongst education providers nationwide.

The logo managed to successfully capture the mission of the Academy and honour the memory of a departed colleague. Creating cohesive and memorable branding creates a consistent feel across all mediums.

Additional Credits:
Signage by Freckle Creative