Case Study: Luminous Associates Logo & Brand Design

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Creating a brand that allows a lighting consultancy to shine

“Aim: Produce new logo and branding for a lighting consultancy.”

A‍bout Luminous Solutions / Luminous Associates

Luminous Solutions Ltd are a leading edge Professional Lighting Design Consultancy and Distributor with over 30 years of industry expertise and knowledge.

Project Background – Evolution

Luminous Solutions needed a new brand and logo after their business had changed over the last 4 years. The company’s existing logo had them being regularly confused with electrical contractors. I created a new logo and brand identity for the company which reflected their identity as a specialist lighting consultancy.

What the client wanted…

“I want to keep the name in the brand logo, but maybe with LIGHTING CONSULTANCY as the slogan. This is clear and gives the right message to any potential new clients we are targeting.”

Client’s old logo

“The logo has our green leaf lamp/bulb but not sure if this is relevant anymore, if they can keep it and integrate into the new logo that’s fine but I think it needs to go to make the logo more compact and fresh.”

The solution – swish and Swiss

I spent time creating the perfect font pairings going to a font I rarely use for projects; Helvetica. When a project calls for a clinical, professional feel it just fits the bills so well.

I decided to grid the layout of the logo to give it an extra semblance of being as thoughtfully constructed and designed as the solutions that Luminous Solutions offers to its clients.

Finally the abstract logomark includes the use of 3 triangles in various shades in order to create the look of diffused lighting, further communicating the position of the company as a consultancy that provides a bespoke design service to provide elegant lighting solutions.

Check out the initial idea I had for the direction of the project:

Initial rough idea for the project

I initially provided 3 designs to the client to choose from exploring a range of ideas.

Concepts presented to the client

The client’s chosen design has been used across the organisation in signage, website, marketing material and corporate stationery.

The Result

Luminous Solutions were thrilled with the designs and as their business continues to be a success they have started a separate entity called Luminous Associates. They were so happy with the design for Luminous Associates and because it made sense to do so I used the same design for that logo however gave it a blue colour.

The branding and logo designs has realigned the brand vision with the mission of the company, helping them connect with their clients and communicating their services.

The brand identity also gives the company a clean and professional design which will grow as the company does.

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