Case Study: GORSE Teaching Schools Branding

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Logos to Unify Teaching Schools

“Aim: Improving and unifying the Teaching School brands for one of Britain’s largest Multi-Academy Trusts.”


The GORSE Academies Trust is a Multi Academy Trust working with Academies in Leeds to provide high standards of education to children and young adults in impoverished communities. Part of the Trust’s plan to provision outstanding schools is to ensure high standards of teaching through developing teachers and leaders within its own teaching schools.

Project Background – Evolution

‍The existing teaching school was called LTSA (Leeds Teaching School Alliance) but the brand needed updating to reflect changes in the structure of the teaching schools.

LTSA was to become GORSE SCITT with 2 new teaching schools opening alongside GORSE SCITT based at The Morley Academy and The Farnley Academy respectively, and called GORSE Morley and GORSE Farnley.

The solution – simplify and make use of what we’ve got

‍After some discussion within the team we were in agreement that the simplest solution was to take elements of the existing brands and take them forwards in a new interesting visual direction that would clarify and embolden the brand identities of each in such a way that the GORSE brand is more prominent whilst aiming to retain the individual school’s identity. 

Check out the initial idea I had for the direction of the project:

GORSE SCITT Initial concept logo sketch
Initial rough idea for the project

Having worked with LTSA on branding previously I was aware of what aspects of their brand were successful from the existing logo. The key was to retain some of those elements and centre the design on the existing branding for The GORSE Academies Trust, The Morley Academy and The Farnley Academy to deepen the connection and make it clear.

Design has a unique ability to clarify and embolden any brand, process, or experience.

GORSE Academies Trust Teaching Schools Logo concept
Logo design for GORSE Morley, GORSE Farnley and GORSE SCITT

I simplified the Farnley and Morley logomarks and took the existing GORSE logomark and used these for each of the new teaching schools logomarks. Using typography and layout consistent with the GORSE Academies Trust logo I applied the logotype consistently alongside each logomark. Finally I created gradients from colours already associated with each brand.

The Result

Brands are powerful and the strong connection between the new teaching schools, the Trust and its most successful academies can be boosted without adding complexity. And anyone trying to understand the whole picture of what the Trust is doing can clearly see the connections and value.

The result is a cohesive intra-trust brand identity ensuring the organisation appears polished and professional for years to come.

The teaching schools and Trust were very happy with the logos and the thought behind them. Below are just a few examples of the logos in use. The logo is used in corporate stationery, business cards, events (table cloths), thermal flasks, pens, roller banners, posters, flyers, website, signage and more.

The logos were immediately applied across the Trust


Additional Credits:
Freckle Creative (Created original LTSA logo)